The American Hot Rod Foundation (AHRF) is a not-for-profit organization that relies on a variety of funding sources to support its work, and there is nothing more important that the continued support of today’s hot-blooded Hot Rodders! AHRF has interviewed nearly 150 pioneers, and has amassed more than 300 hours of Pioneers/Period Observer interview footage on network-quality tape. The Foundation has also collected, and is in the process of correctly identifying, thousands of period photos as well as hours of period film, most of which has never before been published.

Conservation is critical and our archiving effort is major league expensive. To lose the stories and the spirit would be utterly devastating… not only to those who have lived it, but to those who have yet to leave their mark. You and we still have a chance to keep the flames burning and keep the history of Hot Rodding alive! Your support and continued interest ensures the invaluable preservation of this history, a history whose players defined a new culture and changed the face of America forever.

If you’d like to help champion this effort:


The second way you can help our efforts is by becoming a Supporter. For a contribution of $25.00, you will be entitled to a Supporter’s Package that includes Portfolio 1 Boys and Their Toys, our high quality 100% cotton tee shirt with Darrell Mayabb Logo, the AHRF ceramic coffee mug, and an AHRF Logo windshield decal. Check these items out in our Shop or by clicking the “Become a Supporter” button below (minimum contribution is unfortunately $50.00 for Canada and $75.00 for International, due to exorbitant shipping costs).

For a contribution of $50.00, we include all of the above items and plus the DEUCE dvd, our superb 50 minute film on the 32 Ford ($75.00 Canada and $100.00 Int’l). Be sure to see the trailer in the Shop or by clicking below.

For contributions of $100 or more, we include everything mentioned so far and a copy of Hot Rod Roots, our hard-bound coffee-table book ($125 Canada and $150 Int’l). Check out Roots in our Shop. Platinum is an excellent value and we know you will absolutely enjoy all of our favorite products, plus you will be contributing to the preservation of hot rod history.

To check out these Support Packages, visit the AHRF Shop. Don’t worry – if you’re not interested, you don’t have to buy them until the last step.

AHRF is a charity recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service. All donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

We thank you in advance for your consideration and for your support of the American Hot Rod Foundation. It is an honor to share this passion with you and a joy to report on the results of our work. Keep the flames burning!

Steve Memishian
The American Hot Rod Foundation

You can contact Jim Miller at (818) 846-5139 if you have any questions about being a Friend or Supporter of the American Hot Rod Foundation.