Phil Remington video footage

Phil Remington

Date of Birth: 1921-01-22
Club: Low Flyers


PHIL REMINGTON has been involved in every aspect of motor racing. From a young hot rodder on the dry lakes, Phil soon became involved in professional racing. He was part of the Shelby Cobra team; the Lance Reventlow formula One team in Monte Carlo and Dan Gurney’s All American racers team at the Indy 500.

As a teenage member of the Santa Monica Low Flyers, “Rem” was kept the company of legends such as Vic Edelbrock, Stu Hilborn and Phil Hill. After the war he campaigned a modified Model A with a Flathead setting a class record of 136 mph at El Mirage. Soon Rem was building intake manifolds for Eddie Meyer while building Indy cars for millionaire Sterling Edwards. After that he spent some time with Stu Hilborn. In 1960 he worked on the Scarab and later moved on to join forces with Shelby and the Ford Le Mans Racing program.

Rem’s ability to build anything, to solve any problem and to advance existing technology in every aspect of his work has made this man a world legend. Phil Remington has literally done it all, and into his 80’s, continues to push the boundaries of automotive engineering.