Don Montgomery video footage

Don Montgomery

Date of Birth: 1930-05-14
Club: Velociteers; Glendale Coupe & Roadster Club


At the age of 15, Don Montgomery was firmly hooked on hot rodding. He got his education hanging around speed shops learning from the technical discussions of his peers. As he mentions, “the final exam was the actual doing of the modifications to your own engine and car”.

As a member of the Velociteers Don went to his first lake meet in 1948. A year later he joined the Glendale Coupe and Roadster Club (GCRC) keeping company with legends such as Howard Johansen, Tom “Acmo” McLaughlin and Racer Brown. The club won many trophies and won the points championship in 1951.

In 1952 Don came 2nd. with his Cord in the Russetta Individual Points Championship. He set the Class B Sedan record (137.509 mph) with a straight eight Buick engine and came back to set the 1953 record using a GMC engine in a 1937 Cord.

When drag racing started, Don embraced it with a passion. He ran his Cord and an A Fuel ’32 coupe that held many records at most of the So Cal drag strips. with the banning of fuel, he switched to a B Gas Supercharged Willy which he campaigned until 1972.

In addition to being a true hot rod pioneer, Don is also a renowned author and journalist. His series of books on different aspects of hot rodding are required reading for anyone remotely interested in the sport.