Art Chrisman video footage

Art Chrisman

Date of Birth: 1929-10-14
Club: Road Runners; Compton Saints Car Club


Following in the footsteps of his uncle Jack Chrisman, Art got into the hot rodding business at an early age. The dry lakes were his proving ground and with his brother Lloyd in a 34 Ford coup they were reaching speeds of 140 mph and up.

After WWII the Chrisman Garage in Compton began producing some serious competition. Art became one of the 5 charter members of the 200 MPH Club after driving Chet Herbert’s Beast over 200. His success on the drag strips was for a time unrivaled.

In 1955 at Bakersfield he went 140 MPH in the famous no. 25 that had originally belonged to Leroy Neumayer. Always at the forefront of technology and design Art and team built the Hustler I, powered by a 392-cid Chrysler engine stroked out to 454 inches. It was the first car to go 180 MPH.

Throughout the 1950’s and the 60’s Art was competing with the best fuelers in the sport. Eventually he went to work for Ford’s Autolite Sparkplug Division. Today, Chrisman is busy restoring hot rods in his Santa Ana shop as well as being involved in nostalgia drag events.


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