Alex Xydias video footage

Alex Xydias

Date of Birth: 1922-03-22
Club: Wheelers; Sidewinders


To many today Xydias’ name is synonymous with So Cal Speed Shop. Yet, as the records show, Xydias’ achievements on the lakes were phenomenal. Before the war, he was campaigning a ’34 coupe at El Mirage where he had moderate success. In 1946 after he was discharged from the army, Xydias opened So Cal Speed Shop, supplying hot rodders with mostly Edelbrock equipment. While the shop struggled to make a decent turnover, Xydias teamed up with legendary racer and author Dean Bachelor. Together they built the So-Cal streamliner whose image to this day commands the greatest respect. With an Edelbrock V8-60 (built by Bobby Meeks) the car turned 152 mph. With a Mercury V8 it turned 210 mph at Bonneville, far outpacing the competition.

The So-Cal racing team continued to build streamliners and bellytanks that would shatter most existing records at the lakes and on the drag strips. Now restored to its former glory the So-Cal lakester bellytank has become one of the most famous hot rods ever.

Aside from racing, Xydias spent much of his time filming hot rod events and produced an enduring documentary "The Hot Rod Story". He helped set up the first SEMA show and was inducted into the SEMA Hall of Fame in 1982. Alex is on the advisory board of The American Hot Rod Foundation.