Mixing old and new in ’08

June 23, 2008

This weekend there was another S.C.T.A meet at El Mirage. I took my camera like a good boy but guess what? I didn’t shoot a thing because I as so buisy working with a little goofing off on the side. I did manage to go over to the anounceing stand to visit AHRFer Julian Doty hard at work makeing out timeing slps for the competitors. He asked if I wanted to see something special and naturally I said yes. We walked over to his car and he opened the trunk. A cardboard box was opened and there was hiatory. If you remembe Julian’s middle name is DuVall after his uncle George DuVall, you know the guy who built those Bitchen Windshields. Anyhow, in the box were the core boxes and patterns for the shield. Over the years he has cast some up and is going to do another run sometime soon. There close to 70 years old and still hard at work. Amazing!

On the subject of old i’ve included a shot of Emil and George Greener’s ’31 roadster from 1940 at the lakes. Why? Because at the Walden Speed Shop party last weekend the car that they ran the year before just happened to be there. Yep, a real live Deuce from ’39 that’s still alive and well and on the street. And the original timeing tag is still on the dash. Enjoy the pix of more history.

For the last year i’ve been takeing pix of cool looking rods straight on. I have a couple of hundred now and someday the Foundation might end up doing a poster featuring the rides. Here are a couple from the L.A. Roadster Show. The Wild Deuce was featured in Hot Rod ages ago and still looks great today. Lil John’s Modified is soooooo detailed it blows your mind. Everything is billet includeing the front axle with the bat wings. Not for the head on series but just as wild is a T phaeton sporting a rare Drake Indy V-8 sitting where the driver usually sits. Seems he had to move to the back seat to drive it. Eat your heart out Mario!

I’ve dug into the slides Steve Straw gave the foundation at the show and they are fantastic. The color hasn’t shifted to much and they include a lot of cars not well known. 022 from 1965 features Bob Westbrook’s Modified roadster before his changed the front bodywork to a streamlined shape. The real kicker is that the shot shows off the red S.C.T.A. jackets from the half-mile drags they put on on the back straight at Riverside raceway. And on the right is none other than Platnum Blonde Goddess Mary Lou Larsen. Fred’s wife is the nicest person and still shows up at lakes functions. She’s also helped the Foundation more than we can say.
o23 is a shot of record setter Lou Bingham’s Class D Roadster also from ’65. Check out more of Steve’s shots in the pix of the day feature.

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