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October 2, 2014

Jim’s Comments

A booklet published back in 1968 on the evolution of Daytona as a speed mecca.It covers the early days of time trials and testing on the beach from 1903 through 1935 and then the British invasion of the land speed monsters. It segways into the beach racing from '36 to '58, the formation of NASCAR and then the Daytona International Speedway. Motorcycles and Antique car meets are also discussed by author Elda Wedge. A cool piece for your NASCAR Collection. ©AHRF/David Erazo Collection.
Hot Rod Photo of the Day

Every day, we post a new hot rod, custom or drag racer photo from the collections currently on Jim Miller’s desk. These are posted at approximately 4 AM Eastern, and you are likely looking at a photo that has rarely been seen outside of family and friends. Jim’s comments may reflect the photo owner’s knowledge or may result from the extensive research that Jim conducts. Each photo then goes into our on-site Photo Gallery, where you can review the most recent 20 photos.

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