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October 9, 2015

Jim’s Comments

Growing up in the '50's there was only one name when it came to getting a set of gears for your Ford rear end, Getz. This decal was made fo them by Hyaolac-Meyercord Co. out of Chicago. Dated June '58. ©AHRF/Julian Doty Collection.
Hot Rod Photo of the Day

Every day, we post a new hot rod, custom or drag racer photo from the collections currently on Jim Miller’s desk. These are posted at approximately 4 AM Eastern, and you are likely looking at a photo that has rarely been seen outside of family and friends. Jim’s comments may reflect the photo owner’s knowledge or may result from the extensive research that Jim conducts. Each photo then goes into our on-site Photo Gallery, where you can review the most recent 20 photos.

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