Part of the week

December 15th, 2014

The choice for rodders in the Gauge department has traditionally been Stewart-Warner. Back in the day if you ponied up $60.50 you could purchase what they called the “Custom” Hot Rod Panel that included the works. In the center was the special mechanically driven 0-8000 RPM Tach that went for $20.50. The oil pressure gague was $5.50, the Ammeter $3.50, the Fuel gague (6 volt naturally) for $62.5 and the water temp for S6.95. The chrome surround was $9.00 and the engined turned faceplate $7.20. For those who wanted to be really cool you could step up and get the optional Standard “Electric” Tachometer good to 4500 rpm for $36.75, the “Special” that went to 6000 rpm or the “Custom” good to 8000 rpm. The last two went for $42.95. If you were lucky enough to be making a buck an hour you can see these puppies weren’t cheap.