Part Of The Week

September 1st, 2014

In the ’50 a lot of people jumped on the “I can make fuel injection too” and one was Al Gonsalves. Here is a shot of one of his Algon Chevy V8 units. He listed 20 unique features as to why his creation was better than the others. Topping the list was that that his unit had adjustable nozzles and that each quarter turn of his adjusting knob equaled a .002 inch diameter change. Other features included being able to switch from gas to fuel to nitro without having to spend any money. Al also clained half second ET lowering with the use of his unit. The injectors were available for Chevy, Chrysler Olds, Buick and Ford OHV engines along with Henry’s venerable V8-60. Out the door a Small block Chevy would set you back $325 plus $16 for ram tubes. Dealer net was $243.75 and $12.