Part Of The Week

November 17th, 2014

One part that everybody forgets about when it comes time to make your car faster is tires. We’re looking at Firestone’s hot new Super Sports Stock car tire formulated for use by NASCAR stock cars at Daytona back in 1961. Back in the day these tires were considered really wide and featured shock-fortified nylon cord for greater protection against high speed impacts. They also featured a new and improved tread design with heavier tie bars for improved wear charistics and multiple shoulder vents for cooler running. At that time Firestone spent tons of time testing tread compounds at Daytona, Darlington and Indy to give their users the most reliable tire they could. A 7.10/7.60 x 15 could be had for $42.50 and a 8.00/8.20 x 15 for $49.00. That doesn’t sound like much today for a race tire today but if you transpory yourself back to the early 60′s when you were pumping gas and maybe making a buck an hour these puppies were expensive.