Part Of The Week

August 18th, 2014

This hand built one of a kind setup turned quite a few heads when it showed up at the lakes before WWII on a Pacemakers club members Deuce roadster powered by a 21 stud flattie. It was built by Eddie Miller and featured three Stromberg single barrel E’s off chrysler products and a dual barrel EE3 of a Cad or Auburn. The question has always been why one monster carb and three smaller ones. The answer is quite simple. When you look at a flattie’s firing order you’ll find that the two front cylinders on the right bank fired one after the other and that caused a lean condition if you’re trying to feed two cylinders out of one barrel, hence there’s one barrel per runner. There’s a ton of stuff you’ll miss if you don’t look close. Note the dual fuel pumps fed off the stock pushrod hiding off a breather cap from a Model A. There are no chokes used as this was only for racing so the tops of the carbs have been whacked off. Note the gears on the end of the throttle shafts to engage the side by side carbs. They were all synced together using set screws and was a very tricky thing to set up. By the way, the car owner was a 23 year old by the name of Stu Hilborn, Jim Miller Colletcion.